Video is becoming the "biggest big data" as the most important and valuable source for insights and information.

Researches in our lab cover a broad range of topics on video signal. Inspired by state-of-the-art representation model like deep learning, and driven by modern biologically computational model for visual experience, we are working on better solution for video analysis, video processing and video compression. Specifically we are exploring each research topic from three aspects: algorithm, computation and data.

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Recent Publications

A Codec Information Assisted Framework for Efficient Compressed Video Super-Resolution
Complexity-Oriented Per-Shot Video Coding Optimization
Generative Compression for Face Video: A Hybrid Scheme
Hiding Among Your Neighbors: Face Image Privacy Protection with Differential Private k-Anonymity
Low-Complexity Multi-Model CNN in-Loop Filter for AVS3
Multi-Scale Coarse-to-Fine Transformer for Frame Interpolation
Reinforcement Learning Based Cross-Layer Congestion Control for Real-Time Communication