Final Project of 2017 : Experiment report

This Final Project is to perform experiments and write an experiment report. There are 10 recommended topics same as Term Paper (You can choose other topics). Every student must team up.

Experiments (for each team/group):

  1. Choose one Topic
  2. Choose one method/paper in this Topic
  3. Implement the method you choose (You can search Online, but the student who writes scripts itself will get bonus points)
  4. Do some experiments (Visual results are recommended)
  5. Write an experiment report following the outline below

Outline of experiment report:

  1. Brief Method Introduction
  2. Experiment Contents
  3. Experiment Results
  4. Discussion and Conclusion
  5. Team composition and corresponding contribution of each student
  6. Reference


  1. Team/Group: 3 ~ 4 students. The topic of experiment must be same as the topic of majority students. For example, if there is a 4-student team, three students choose topic A and one student chooses topic B, then the final topic must be topic A. In addition, if different students choose different topics, the final topic can be decided themselves.
  2. The report must be written in English by using Latex.
  3. Not less than 2 pages (exclude reference).
  4. The experiment report and the code must be submitted in .zip or .rar format (include .pdf file, visual results (if necessary) and original codes) to the TA via E-mail ( If the email attachment is larger than 50M, please upload it to the Internet and append its link in E-mail. Format of email title: Report_Leader’sName_Leader’sStudentID_GroupTopic. Please list the information of group members (Name, StudentID)!!!
  5. Deadline: 23:59, Friday, 2017.06.02

Handing in:

The folder you hand in must contains the following:

  • README - text file containing anything about the project that you want to tell the TAs
  • Code/ - directory containing all your code for this assignment
  • Doc/ - directory containing all your report