Term Paper: Reading papers and writing research report

This term paper is to read latest papers in Computer Vision (CV) domain and write a research report for typical topic. There are 10 recommended topics (You can choose other topics). For each topic, we have chosen one related paper for you to easily find other related papers. Each student must choose one topic, search and read related papers to write a research report.


  1. Deep learning based Image Classification (related paper)
  2. Deep learning based Image/Video Segmentation (related paper)
  3. Deep learning based Object Detection (related paper)
  4. Deep learning based Object Tracking (related paper)
  5. Deep learning based Image Retrieval (related paper)
  6. Deep learning based Person Re-Identification (related paper)
  7. Deep learning based Image Caption/Description (related paper)
  8. Deep learning based Activity Recognition (related paper)
  9. Deep learning based Image Generation (related paper)
  10. Deep learning based Emotion Recognition (related paper)

Evaluation metric:

  • Methodology 30%
  • Organization 30%
  • Comprehension 20%
  • Insight 20%

Outline of research report:

  1. Executive Summary (Abstract)
  2. Introduction
  3. Method Review
  4. Comparison and Discussion
  5. Conclusion
  6. Reference


  1. The report must be written in English by using Latex.
  2. Formal format of paper (correct citation and etc.). Here is Latex template.
  3. Don’t just copy complete sentences from the paper (Plagiarism will lead to a score of Zero).
  4. Not less than 8 pages (exclude reference).
  5. The report must be submitted in .zip or .rar format (include .pdf file and original Latex files) to the TA via E-mail (wang_minsi@163.com). Format of email title: Homework_YourNameYourStudntIDYourTopic.
  6. Deadline: Friday of 10th week (2017.04.28, 23:59)