SJTU 8K 360-Degree Video Sequences

Ultra-high resolution 8K 360-degree immersive video, generally 8192 x 4096. It is still an emerging technology, so there remain a great number of challenges need to be solved. Video sequences play an important role in the corresponding researches.

SJTU Real World Video Dataset

Introduction The Shanghai Jiao Tong University Real World Video Dataset (SJTU_RWViD) contains 115 video sequences collected from real-applications. This dataset covers a wide range of possible coding parameters without any packet layer degradations.

4K HEVC Video Subjective Quality Database

Introduction In the past two years, the standards of UHD parameters and HEVC have been approved sequentially by ITU. However, the subjective evaluation on ultra-high-definition video, such as 4K, stills in the preliminary stages for that the uncompressed 4K video data is short, let alone the 4K video quality database.

SJTU HDR Video Sequences

The photographic apparatus adopted to produce our HDR dataset was of prudent contemplation. The Sony F65 and F55 cameras were chosen to generate all the UHD HDR video sequences. The raw data of the videos which were recorded in Sony RAW 16bit MAF format containing a dynamic range of more than 14 stops.

SJTU 4K Video Sequences

Ultra-high resolution 4K video, generally 3840 x 2160, is on the immediate horizon. Before 4K video application coming into service, a great number of researches need to be conducted. Video sequences pose an inportant role in the corresponding work.