This page is under heavy construction. Only the most recent projects are listed here. Please go to the publications page for a full list of our papers and projects.

Realtime HEVC Encoder


With a flexible software defined architecture on general purpose computational platform(multicore CPUs and GPUs), we take a leading role to developed a realtime HEVC encoder - ZenHEVC, which currently support realtime UHD encoding with high compression performance.( More...)

4K and HDR Video Sequences Quality Evaluation

A set of 15 rawdata YUV sequences in formats 10 bits and 8 bits with frame rate 30 are availabe for researches incluiding HEVC, QoE and so forth. A full dataset about sujective scores for 4K@30fps has been released.( More..)

Video Stabilization and Performance Evaluation

The project focuses on improving the efficiency of video stabilization algorithms as well as developing better deshaking assessment tools to identify shaking and evaluate the exsiting algorithms. We have proposed a video stabilization algorithm based on L1-L2 optimization and built online demo, Android APP for cloud-based stabilization.(Demo...)

Deep Learning for Image and Video Processing

Deep learning(DL) has become a Swiss Army knife in the era of big data since its big sucess at ImageNet in 2012. We are working on DL for modern image and video processing include superresolution, framerate upconvert, SDR2HDR(Demo...), image captioning, saliency detection,shot detection, video segementation.etc.

Media Cloud Computing System

Nowadays, industries establish their heavyweight cloud computing platforms like Hadoop, Spark, by using distributed pattern like MapReduce. We design a light-weight distributed system using modern open source frameworks, especially targeting for multimedia processing tasks.